What is Interim Management?

Interim management is the short to  mid-term assignment of a proven heavyweight executive or professional expert to lead an interim period of transition, crisis or change within an organization

What do we do?

Leveraging our network of professionals & leaders in numerous industries, including Finance, Healthcare & IT, we can help you with your short to mid-term requirements for filling critical positions in your organization

Professionals placed in your organization will benefit from systematic and structured coaching and mentoring support as well as the possibility to spar with Tier 1 strategy and operations consultants to accelerate necessary transformations in your organization

How do we do it?

Our approach is based on a complimentary style of collaboration in which  there would hardly be any unhealthy conflicts. Interim Managers and permanent executives in client organizations will work effectively together to achieve results

Broader responsibilities within the organization 

People management responsibilities 

Focus on longer term business objectives

  Focused on implementing a solution

Hired temporarily & hence not considered a threat

Expertise in a particular field or industry

Who are we?

We are a group of former executives and consulting leaders with a vast network of C-level and middle managers as well as specialized professionals who can fulfill various roles in our clients’ organizations during critical periods such as change, transition and/or vital phases of their operations

We leverage our consulting expertise and knowledge in order to coach and mentor the interim executives and professionals during their tenure in order to enhance their performance and ensure sustainable impact on our clients